A Proven Commitment to Excellence

S & G Stathis Building pty ltd has been creating beautiful structures in Sydney’s Eastern suburbs since 2008. The company maintains a commitment to functioning as a knowledgeable and reliable resource for the construction of luxury properties as well as major renovations.

S & G Stathis Building pty ltd was started by Steve & George Stathis, a father and son duo with decades of combined experience in the building and construction industry. Together the two have helped the people of Sydney get outstanding results for large building and renovation projects.

A History of Excellent Workmanship

S & G Stathis Building pty ltd has demonstrated a standing commitment to excellent workmanship and seamless handling of even the largest projects. Some of these projects include:

  • Construction of a New Multi-Storey apartment building in Artarmon after demolishing old property.
  • Engaging in extensive excavation to construct new four-bedroom semi-attached homes with pools.
  • Renovations to a sub-floor area of a structure in Randwick to include stone stairs and cladding.
  • Extending and renovating a semi-attached home in Rose Bay and stabilising surrounding structures accordingly.
  • Construction of a new home in Dover heights with a detached garage and pool.

These are just a few of the projects this skilled team has either completed or is in the process of completing. While large projects like these can be difficult to handle, S & G Stathis Building pty ltd has the experience needed to complete said projects with great results.

The Right Approach to Major Building Projects

High-quality construction projects require a holistic approach to the job. This skilled team can complete full-knockdown rebuilds, rear extensions, retaining walls, and a variety of other large-scale residential building work.

While small renovations can also be completed with ease, the company has become a proven and reliable resource for major residential construction projects in Sydney. S & G Stathis Building pty ltd approaches each project with an understanding of what needs to be done and the necessary skills to create and modify residential buildings.

Combining Experience and Expertise

S & G Stathis Building pty ltd is a company that brings years of experience and a wealth of knowledge to the people of Sydney and the surrounding areas. By committing to high-end workmanship and maintaining a history of success, the company has become a trusted name.

To find out more about residential property construction and largescale renovations, call 0416.234583 or email today!